iamallinmyfeelings ASKED:

lol sweetest man in the world, I swear!! :) :) :) :) :)

You’re very kind to say as much.  Thank you ;)

23characters ASKED:

After reading some of your recent posts, I had to follow your blog. I am completing a second degree, Architecture, and I have not been motivated at all to finish this major. Your posts just motivate me a lot. Thanks!

This is hilarious because I literally spent the day staring at all the work I’m supposed to be doing while cycling between MSNBC and 48 Hours and kinda sorta/not really reading Hilton Als’ White Girls.  Not a bit of productivity…

Congrats on working towards a second degree.  If my rambling has in any way motivated you to do anything, I suppose it has found some purpose and I thank you for taking it as such.  You should rest assured, however, that the only true motivating force in my life is a deadline…and even that only has a minimal effect.  But I thank you just the same.

Congrats again and best of luck.

impatientlywaitingstill ASKED:

6 and 17, please.

6. What kind of people are you attracted to?

I’m not sure how to answer this, given that I date widely outside of my physical and personality “types” quite often…you know, when I’m actually dating.

Generally, I need an intelligent woman (however that’s measured for her) who has a passion and a gentle heart…and the patience to deal with my occasional bouts of neuroticism that are never truly reflective of what I’m actually feeling/thinking.  Everything else is kinda flexible, though I’m very committed to raising black children with a black woman…she’d have to be some kind of incredible to get me to stray from that.

Physically, I like love Danai Gurira…though curvier.  But again, the people I’ve dated in the past have been very diverse and the looks thing only holds my attention for so long.

I suppose that’s a very long-winded way of saying I don’t really know.

17. Do you think there is life on other planets?

Absolutely.  I’m a Star Trek geek.  More than that, it’s completely foolish to me that people think otherwise.  All this space and known planets with similarities to Earth and we’re alone? I think not.  The sheer voracity of the things we don’t know terrifies me as much as it excites me.

katchkenda ASKED:

10, 12, 15, 16 & 22, por favor!

10. Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?

Umm…probably my colleague Sasha while away.  I’m not sure how deep it was, but it was certainly personal.  I guess that counts.

12. What are your 5 favorite songs right now?

Rude ass question. In no particular order…

  • "Up Down" T-Pain
  • "Daykeeper" - The Foreign Exchange (the freaky live version)
  • "When Love Was King" - Gregory Porter
  • "I Fall In Love Too Easily" - Gregory Porter
  • "Multi Til The Sun Die" - Big K.R.I.T.

Ask me again in an hour and four of those would be different.

15. What good thing happened this summer?

Nothing that lasted.  We don’t talk about those days.

16. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

Very likely, yes, but I’m not sure that would be a good idea…not that I’ve ever needed things to be good ideas for me to do them.

22. Where would you like to travel?

Wherever they’ll pay for me to go, to be honest.  Spain and Morocco is coming up this summer.  I’m taking my mom to Europe for her 60th next summer, likely preceded by Trinidad.  And I’m crossing my fingers for an opportunity to teach in either Cuba or South Africa for part of summer 2015, despite not having much (and by much I mean any) international politics expertise.  That’s a start, I suppose.

Thanks for asking :)